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Breakfast with KOOC - Open-faced Egg Salad Sandwich

Next time you find yourself with only eggs in your fridge and need some recipe ideas, try this one. 


1 Bagel

2 Hard-boiled eggs, peeled

1 Tomato sliced

40g Iceberg lettuce shredded

2 Pickled gherkin slliced

50g Mayonnaise

1g Salt

0.3g Ground black pepper


Step by Step Cooking Instructions:

Step 1: Mash the eggs with a fork until finely chopped. Add mayonnaise, salt, and black pepper, and stir until combined to make egg salad.

Step 2: Cut the bagel into halves. Toast using a KOOC toaster on shade setting 4.

Step 3: Top bagel with the shredded lettuce, tomato, gherkin and egg salad.

Step 4: Serve warm, and if you'd like - with some grilled frankfurt sausage to open this pleasant day!



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